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Welcome to VPNGuard. We offer the best Virtual Private Network service available worldwide. To assure you secure and fast VPN connections we only work with top tier network providers and top class hardware. Our servers have multiple gigabit backbone connections. You can enjoy full broadband VPN service with us. Using our service you can unblock country only sites like Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and more! You can unblock censored sites, you can surf 100% anonymously and you do not leave any footprints on the internet. We offer the best customer service in the VPN industry. We provide 7/24 llve chat and technical support. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our live agents for more information.Readmore


  • 1

    Security for hotspot surfers

  • 2

    American or Euro IP anywhere

  • 3

    Unblock VOIP applications

  • 4

    Unblock websites overseas

  • 5

    24x7 Live Technical Quality Support

  • 6

    Gbit Network Connectivity

  • 7

    High Speed Connection No Bandwidth Charges

  • 8

    Surf and be anonymous

  • 9

    Switch VPNLocations Easily From Customer Area

  • 10

    128-2048 Secure Encrypted Channel

Our Plans & Prices

monthly Bonanza
1 month subscription

per month

Billed $7.95 every 1 months

Most Popular

Yearly Bonanza
yearly subscription

per month

Billed $47.4 every 12 months

SAVE $48!

Quarterly Bonanza
3 month subscription

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Billed $17.85 every 3 months

SAVE $6!

Our Services

Pro VPN Anonymously secure your internet connection and encrypt your sensitive web traffic from hackers, network spies, and insecure networks.

Free web proxy Surf websites anonymously, hide your online identity and internet history. Our free proxy works from inside of your web browser.

IP:PORT proxy lists The largest database of public open proxies, updated 24/7 with an up to the minute auto-updatable checking system.

Anonymous email Receive emails anonymously, especially useful for when websites or persons you do not trust ask for your email address.

Privacy software Protect your online privacy with our free software, tools and browser extensions.

File upload Securely upload large files with advanced privacy features, ensuring you control who can and can't download your files.

Anonymous referrer Hide your website address from being shown as a referrer when linking to third-party websites.